Cyndi Lauper’s Mission to Help Homeless Teens

Mon, Dec 10, 2018 at 9:00 AM by User 0 Comments
“It all kinda started a long, long time ago,” Cyndi Lauper said the other day, discussing her commitment to end homelessness, especially among L.G.B.T. youth. Lauper was looking out on the Hudson River from Jane Street, the day after the season’s first snow. A long time ago was 2007, when Lauper was doing a photo shoot for Interview on the West Side piers. “There were a lot of young people—Hispanic, African-American, one East Indian transgender male—and they were homeless, because they had been thrown out,” she recalled. “I’m a mom. It’s not easy. Kids don’t come with a receipt so you can bring them back if it’s not working out, you know?”

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